Our Mill

The venerable Maison Toiles de Mayenne has been in Fontaine-Daniel for 210 years. Set up in an old Cistercian abbey, surrounded by age-old trees, this is a place of pilgrimage for devotees of the textile arts. In the heart of the abbey, amidst the traditional looms, pride of place goes to a futuristic device – Sophie Mallebranche’s looms, the heart of her innovative creations.

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Our machines, our process

With industrial force and delicate precision, Material Design Group’s uniquely engineered looms transform solid metals into luxurious textiles.
Prior to production, each of our models is translated from handmade techniques to engineered software that tracks the color and position of each wire. These patterns are directly transmitted to Sophie’s looms where the innovative warp wires work tirelessly to repeat the artist’s motifs.
Constantly challenging the limits of innovation, Material Design Group is in the process of developing new weaving technology to further expand the possibilities of creation. Dedicated to the production of highly intricate and nuanced weaves, these additions to Material Design Group’s mill promise the imminent arrival of stunning new collections.

A design alchemist