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"Worked like a textile, Sophie Mallebranche’s
Woven steel sheets become supple and malleable,
enabling the designer to use them
in a number of unusual ways."

Decoration International : Alexandra Laugier

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Material World

These top-quality woven textiles feature metallic yarns - containing stainless-steel, copper, enamlled copper, bronze, tin, gold and so forth - interwoven with yarns of stunningly luxurious material.

Made-to-order metal textiles are highly prized in the worlds of fashion and interior design. Weft yarns make the fabrics truly flexible crosswide, while warp yarns, running lengthways, give them shape memory.


Textile Designers

The textiles produced by Paris-Based designer Sophie Mallebranche are often compared to the forces of nature - words such as "whirlwind" and "volcanic" have been used to describe her work in the past - but anyone who has ever met Mallebranche knows that her work is actually about the calm rather than the storm.

Mallebranche's fabrics are atmospheric and evocative without striving for effect. her works are born out of understated sentiments, but they make strong statements. "You could say that while I work, my mind is absorbed by a world of five square inches," Mallebranche says ...


Matières & Matériaux

Entrer dans l'univers de Sophie Mallebranche, c'est découvrir l'onirisme d'une toile d'araignée baignée de rosée et prendre le risque d'y être piégé. Sophie Mallebranche sublime les matériaux, la transparence se trame de métal dans des armures et des jacquards rehaussés de broderies et de perlages de pierres de lunes, de morceaux de verre dépoli, de minuscules tubes de silicone ou de brins de soie.

To enter Sophie Mallebranche's universe, it is to discover the onirism of a cobweb bathed by dew and to take the risk of being trapped there. Sophie Mallebranche sublimates materials, the transparency brews of metal in armors and Jacquard looms raised(enhanced) by embroidery and by beadworks of moonstones, by pieces of frosted glass, by tiny tubes of silicone or by silk stalks.

"Sophie Mallebranche creates
lustrous woven fabrics by weaving copper,
stainless steel, bronze or brass with plant fibres
and synthetic materials.

Her adeptness at tooling metal fibres
into gossamer mesh has earned her a reputation
as a material innovator and a top designer,
although she defines herself foremost as an artist."




Madame Figaro

D'une famile normande, dans la restauration gastronomique, cette toute jeune créatrice et coloriste enseigne à l'ESAD de Reims, travaille dans un bureau de style, à fondé sa propre société, "Entrée en matière"

From a Norman family in the catering industry, this young creator and colorist teaches at the ESAD in Reims, works in a style office, and has founded her own company, "Entrée en Matière."


AD France

Sa fascination pour les brillances métalliques, Sophie Mallebranche la tient de sa petite enfance, quand elle passait dans les cuisines du restaurant paternel. De ces ustensiles scintillants à son travail de tissage avec des fils métalliques - acier, cuivren étain, bronze, laiton- combinés au lin ou à la soie, il n'y eut pour elle qu'un pas, qu'elle a franchi avec un petit métier à tisser. Une méthode ancestrale qui donna naissance à des pièces si originales qu'elles séduisirent Andrée Putman.

For Sophie Mallebranche, the fascination with the shine of metal comes from her childhood, when she would walk past the kitchen utensils in her father's restaurant. From these shining cooking utensils to her work with metal wires - steel, copper, tin, bronze, and brass combined with linen or silk - there was but one step, one that she crossed with a small loom. An ancestral method that would give birth to pieces so original that they seduced Andrée Putman.



SAVOIR FAIRE IS NOT a term the french use lightly. Know-how is part of a cultural heritage in which tradional crafts are prized and artisans proud. But new injections of creativity are needed to keep those crafts alive in the face of mechanization and globalization. Today, young artists are considering how they can play a part in keeping their country's traditions not just alive but revelant. Take Sophie Mallebranche, for example.

Inspired by childhood memories of the materials in her father's restaurant kitchen, she weaves metal threads into luminous cloths fit for Athena's aegis or Joan of Arc's armor. Architects and designers such as Peter Marino and Patrick Jouin have commissioned dazzling curtains, screens, lampshades, and wall coverings for commercial clients such as Chanel, Guerlain, and the Plaza Athnée in Paris.


AMC Le Moniteur Architecture

Sophie Mallebranche tisse des fils d'acier et de cuivre dont le diamètre et de quelques dixièmes de millimètre. Par la combinaison de différents matériaux et la possible irrégularité de la trame, elle obtient des jeux de reflets, de transparence et couleurs. L’hyper-chromatique est en cuivre argenté émaillé vert électrique, il a un rythme régulier, un tissage dense et peut s'appliquer en intérieur comme en extérieur.

Sophie Mallebranche weaves with wires of steel and copper whose diameters are but several tenths of a millimeter. Through the combination of various metals and possible irregularities in weft, she obtains a play on reflections, transparency, and colors. The hyper-chromatic is made of silver-coated enameled copper in electric green with a regular rhythm and dense weave, and can be applied to both interiors and exteriors.


Décoration International

Travaillé comme du textile, l'acier de Sophie Mallebranche est tissé pour devenir malléable, et se prête à des utilisations inattendues.

Worked like a textile, Sophie Mallebranche's woven steel sheets become supple and malleable, enabling the designer to use them in a number of unusual ways.


The New York Times

Sophie Mallebranche, winner of an award for textile design at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May, creates lustrous woven fabrics by weaving metallic threads - copper, stainless steel, bronze or brass - with linen, silk or silicone fibers.

"I am not a designer, " she said, but "an artist and a researcher in textiles made with new materials." She uses the fabrics to make things like curtains, place mats and tapestries. (An example, from a Tokyo installation, is at lower right.)



"I am not a weaver," says self-proclaimed "material specialist and colorist" Sophie Mallebranche. Nevertheless, she has crafted striking tapestries of stainless steel, copper, bronze, silver, molded silicone and even sycamore wood - largely in two Paris workshops where she uses traditional wooden looms.

"Weaving is fastidious and not necessarily in sync with the times. My know-how is in eperimentation," she says. "I push technical limits and find industrials that allow these techniques to express themselves, and vice versa.



Dans la magnificence des palais, dans les profondeurs somptueuses du pouvoir, dans les splendeurs des conquêtes, le luxe a été de tout temps l'apanage des grands, l'incarnation de la force et la différence, ce supplément d'âme qui est la marque de la définitive supériorité.

In the magnificence of palaces, in the luxurious depths of power, in the magnificence of conquests, luxury has always been the privilege of the great, the embodiment of strength and difference, a supplement of soul which is a brand of definitive superiority.



With combinations, associations, juxtapositions, the moment is weaving beautiful mélanges, intriguing fibers, impalpable objects and surprising neighborhoods. Research sets up unusual landscapes that thrust us into the sensitive, colorful and noisy world of materials, inside assemblages, into the heart of functoins and properties.

From Jacques Bernar's 'rodalège" vinyl sea anemones, Sophie Mallebranche' molded silicones, copper flowers embroidered on china designed by wiebke Meurer, Bertjan Pot's braideb carbon fiber, to sugar bricks stacked up by Bethany de Forest ... from the micro to the macro universe, new materials inspire architets and designers alike.