Stemming from her independent research at the renowned school of Fine Arts, L’Ecole Duperré, in Paris, Sophie Mallebranche’s career as a textile designer is founded in a passion for innovative textile materials.

During her time at L’Ecole Duperré, Sophie focused on refining her technical skills as a weaver while exploring her curiosity for uncommon materials and developed several unique handmade weaves combining stainless steel, tin, brass, and bronze weaves with silicone, silk and linen threads.

In 1998 the Sophie Mallebranche Company was founded, introducing her collection of extraordinary handwoven textiles into the world of interior design. Used as window treatment and wall covering, among other applications, these materials enabled Sophie to realise her goal of using textiles to revolutionize the roles of light and color in interior space.

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From alchemical design to industrial bespoke creations

Sophie’s vision for her creations, however, extends far past the limited scale of handwoven materials. Thus in 2009 Sophie partnered with Guillaume Danset and launched the development of innovative metal weaving looms that today produce nearly all of Sophie’s collections.
The innovative warp wires of her looms offer unmatched precision and efficiency, allowing Sophie to focus on developing the design and composition of new weaves. Today, Sophie’s weaves are used in luxury hotel, residential, and commercial projects worldwide including The Four Seasons Dubai, Hermès Flagship London, and Flagships Christian Dior Parfums among others.

The promise of new horizons

Artistic Innovation
Precise Execution
Extraordinary Materials

Awards and honors

  • 2016 Best of Year Award

    Interior Design Magazine.
    Category: Textiles - Residential

  • 2016 NYCxDesign Awards

    Interior Design Magazine & ICFF.
    Honoree, Category: Building Products

  • 2007 Rising Star Award

    The Fashion Group International.
    Interior Design Finalist

  • 2006 Design Editors Award

    Category: Textile.
    ICFF - New York

  • Masters of Entrepreneurship

    Category Independent Designer
    Delivered by the French State, at the Senate

  • 2005 Design Observatory Star

    ACPI Category: Innovative Material,
    for the Plaza Athénée project

  • 2001 Selection by the Ministry
    of Foreign Affairs and the AFAA

    for the Plaza Athénée project

  • 2001 Volunteer for International Experience

    in the Administration [Volontariat International en
    Administration] «Permanent call», 2001 fellowship for
    the «Incubator» [Couveuse] extra stool prototype,
    exhibited at the Paris Conran Shop, opposite Franck O.
    Gehry’s «Wriggle Side Chair».

  • 1999 Museum Expression Competition

    Objects for the Georges Pompidou Center, Paris
    First Prize