Commissioned Art

Bespoke metal art to breathe life into your project

As well as all of our woven metal designs to be found on our website, it is also possible to commission bespoke work, industrial or handmade. This art is designed by Sophie Mallebranche, who will adapt the work according to the specifications of your project. When it comes to distinctive spaces, special events, or just precise wants and desires, a custom design could be the ideal fit to fulfill your brief. Commissions can take several months depending on the nature of the work and the complexity of the project. For all bespoke pieces, we will consult with you regarding the personalized timeline you can hope to expect.

If you are interested in something truly exceptional, then a one-off metal weave may be the answer. Everything can be designed according to your requirements and wishes: bespoke gradients, specially mixed colours, and carefully crafted metal weaves. Our commissioned art is truly unique, exclusive, and never seen before. Beauty and innovation are at the heart of Sophie’s work, and we would be happy to discuss further the possibility of how commissioned art can work for your project.

If you would like to talk about a potential project you have in mind, or just learn more about Sophie’s commissioned art, please get in touch with the Sophie Mallebranche team via our Contact page.

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